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Best Fastpitch Softball Bats 2016: Buying Guide & Reviews

Written on March 26, 2016   By   in Fastpitch, Softball

Although feminine athletes in highschool and body leagues preponderantly play fast-pitch softball, there ar many all male or co-ed fastpitch softball leagues still.

If you happen to catch a softball on the tv, it’s typically a fastpitch league, that is ruled by the International Softball Federation (ISF).

However, alternative associations, like the yank Softball Association (ASA) or u. s. Specialty Sports Association (USSA), could management some leagues, particularly organized co-ed fastpitch leagues.

Thus, once selecting a best fastpitch softball bats, it’s necessary to confirm that it’s permissible by your league’s pointers.

If you’re unsure what league you’re in, or shall play in, consult a associate, coach, umpire or league official.

Fastpitch softball around the bend should have a barrel diameter of two.25 inches and a length-to-weight quantitative relation of -8 to -13.

Unlike slowpitch softball leagues or highschool and body fastpitch baseball, which permit the utilization of bound wood around the bend, fastpitch softball needs players to use either a composite, metallic element alloy or half-and-half (combination of alloy and composite) bat.

This is principally because of the dimensions and properties of a softball; they are doing not enact well with a wood bat.

The choice between fastpitch softball around the bend typically rests upon the hitter’s preferences. as an example, power-hitters nearly always like a one-piece bat style, over a two-piece hybrid, as a result of one-piece around the bend ar stiffer, resilient and don’t flex throughout the swing (minimal flex will increase power and distance).

If you are doing not already perceive your striking vogue and favorite style of material and bat style, then it’s a worthy investment to pay your time checking out totally different styles; several batting cages have a professional store that has test bat models.

In a trial to represent the wide range of batting designs and bat preferences, the subsequent list is comprised of fastpitch softball around the bend that aim to cover several of those totally different approaches to striking.

While several of the around the bend represented ar extremely regarded by several hitters and batting consultants, your personal opinion could dissent.

Especially considering the value tack on a number of these top-of-the-line, fastpitch softball around the bend, you wish to be fully bound that your chosen bat is that the absolute excellent slot in your hands.

2016 Louisville SLUGGER LXT

For a few years currently, several D-1 athletes are selecting the Louisville Slugger LXT as their bat of alternative.

Despite being extremely thought to be the best fastpitch softball bats around, Louisville Slugger continued to boost upon their already productive bat.

The 2016 LXT and has AN exceptionally light-weight swing weight that’s complemented by Louisville Slugger’s TRU3 technology, that may be a rubber insert at the affiliation purpose between handle and barrel. This really makes the LXT and a three-piece bat.

The rubber insert dampens vibrations (to cut back bat sting on the player’s hands) and helps send the energy of these shockwaves into the barrel of the bat.

You could create AN argument that the 2016 Louisville Slugger LXT and fastpitch softball bat is really a four-piece bat thanks to the S1iD Inner Disc. This performance-enhancing feature may be a little disc placed within the bat’s barrel.

Louisville Slugger LXT and Fastpitch Softball Bat

It aims to boost ball speeds off the barrel of the bat as a result of it fine-tunes the barrel’s flex to its absolute most index.

Louisville failed to stop there; they combined the S1iD Inner Disc with Performance and Composite construction and a Zero Friction Double Wall style.

The ensuing explosiveness at the plate won’t solely wow teammates and opponents alike, however can facilitate build your confidence.

It is exhausting to search out fault within the 2016 Louisville Slugger LXT and. It wants very little housebreaking time, is approved by all major fastpitch softball associations and is roofed for one year by the manufacturer.

The only notable disadvantage is its high-end value purpose. If you’ll be able to afford the standard that the LXT and must supply, then it’s a good possibility.

However, alternative fastpitch softball around the bend ar similar to this stick, however ar more cost-effective.


In terms of recognition, the Easton mako shark TORQ is in shut second behind the LXT and. it’s a comparatively new bat style and it’s going to solely be a matter of your time before it overtakes Louisville Slugger’s giving because the favorite bat amongst D-1 athletes.

What makes the mako shark TORQ thus appealing to several hitters is its increased sweet spot (one of the biggest around) and speedy swing speeds.

The bat’s ability to blaze through the strike zone thus quickly is because of Easton’s Thermo Composite Technology (TCT), that not solely will increase the sweet zone on the bat, however conjointly lowers the number of resistance practised throughout the particular swing.

However, what created hitters very notice of the Easton mako shark TORQ was its 360-degree rotating handle. This technology acts precisely however it sounds.

As you swing the mako shark TORQ, the handle of the bat rotates and permits you to stand off against otherwise exhausting to manage pitches.

Easton mako shark TORQ Fastpitch Softball Bat

Thus, it permits hitters to boost their power to the other field by staying within the ball and improve contact against within pitches.

If you’ve got weak spots at the plate, particularly on the within, the mako shark TORQ could also be the perfect remedy.

The 2016 Easton mako shark TORQ’s disadvantage is analogous to Louisville Slugger’s LXT Plus; it’s dear. However, its innovative options can improve your performance at the plate and thereby build confidence and a better batting average.

Again, if you’ve got the cash to pay, then the mako shark TORQ may be a nice possibility, however there ar alternative choices that s provides a competitive edge and ar more cost-effective.


AXE Bat has partnered with All-American and cuckold NCAA Player of the Year, Danielle Lawrie, to make a fast-pitch bat not like any others to create this list.

AXE Bat is most recognized for his or her revolutionary changes to the knob of the bat. The knob of AN AXE Bat is ee at the bottom of a handle, rather like AN handle is.

This innovative style helps a hitter master the within of the plate by up overall swing mechanics.

Due to the non-traditional handle, AXE around the bend have a solitary striking surface, which implies that they’re able to shave weight off the rear finish.

2016 AXE Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Bat

This, together with the light-weight LP1 alloy utilized in the development of the Danielle Lawrie-edition AXE Bat, offers a quick swing speed that’s able to work through all components of the strike zone and drive the ball through the diamond.

In addition, this speedy bat leverages its axe-like knob to master the within of the plate.

The 2016 Danielle Lawrie AXE Fastpitch Softball Bat carries a 30-day money-back guarantee, which implies you’ll be able to check this totally different style out with no risk to your billfold.

If you are doing commit to keep your AXE Bat, you may be happy to understand that it’s terribly cheap, which implies it’s a good alternative for the softball hitter on a budget UN agency cannot afford the pricy DeMarini CF8, Easton mako shark or alternative high-end decisions.


The balanced swinging 2016 Mizuno Nighthawk Fastpitch Softball Bat contains a two-piece, composite style packed with performance-enhancing options that any hitter, notwithstanding their talent level or expertise, will appreciate and revel in.

These last bat advancements permit the Mizuno Nighthawk to interrupt bread with the likes of the premier mako shark, LXT etc.

However, the Nighthawk contains a slightly reduced value, which implies it’s a awfully viable possibility for the top-notch hitter on a budget.

The 2016 Mizuno Nighthawk generates its power because of its Double Wall Technology, wherever a skinny polypropene film separates 2 individual barrel walls.

This creates a better flex index within the barrel to maximise the bat’s work through the strike zone, thereby increasing swing speeds, batted ball speeds and up the general performance of the bat (and player).

2016 Mizuno Nighthawk (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

For comfort and protection, Mizuno has introduced their proprietary 2-Piece Link Construction.

Similar to Louisville Slugger’s TRU3 Technology, this elastomeric material rests within the bat at the affiliation purpose between handle and barrel.

The rubber-like properties of the elastic substance permit it to dampen vibrations drastically, even on balls hit off the middle of the barrel.

Overall, this improves the stiff feel throughout the complete bat; some striking consultants have likened the sensation to it of a one-piece bat, however with rather more vibration wetting.

2016 Louisville SLUGGER XENO

If any bat may disinvest the Louisville Slugger LXT and because the head-hauncho of fastpitch softball sticks, it might be the company’s different style, the XENO.

Honestly, very little separates the XENO from its shut first cousin. In price, the around the bend solely dissent by $50 (XENO being cheaper) and their enclosed bat technologies ar closely matched still.

The 2016 Louisville Slugger XENO has a similar Zero Friction Double Wall style to extend barrel flex (and ultimately generate additional pop).

It has a similar S1iD disc deep-seated within the barrel to make fully optimum performance and therefore the same Performance and stuff.

In addition, each around the bend come through a balanced swing weight (although the LXT and is simply slightly heavier and favored by power hitters additional often).

2016 Louisville Slugger XENO and Fastpitch Softball Bat

Where the around the bend do dissent is in their feedback reduction. whereas the LXT and uses its 3-piece style, with the TRU3 connective piece, the Louisville Slugger XENO uses iST affiliation Technology.

This new, innovative piece of technology, straight out of the Louisville Slugger laboratory, generates a stiffer overall feel and higher energy transfer than the LXT and.

Why list 2 nearly identical bats? To demonstrate however necessary it’s to check a stick come in person before you purchase.

Little separates these 2 around the bend, nonetheless hitters swear by one or the opposite. It comes right down to however they feel in your hands.


From the knob to the top cap, the Anderson RockeTech FP (fastpitch) softball bat has one nice feature when consecutive. this is often a one-piece alloy bat that contains a drop weight of -8, that makes it a heavier swinging softball bat.

The RockeTech FP ANd its TrueFlex finish Cap offers the texture of an end-loaded bat, that is right for players that fancy themselves an influence hitter.

The end cap works aboard the TaperFlex Contour style of the bat to assist management vibrations and cut back unpleasant feedback upon contact.

Anderson RockeTech FP Fastpitch Softball Bat

The Anderson RockeTech FP’s major point is in its Internal PowerArch Technology, that aids the multi-wall alloy barrel by as well as a ee, interior sleeve. This advancement offers a mess of advantages to the RockeTech FP.

Perhaps most intriguing, it maximizes the bat’s gymnastic apparatus result and speed of batted balls to the legal limit allowed underneath ASA and alternative league’s pointers.

In addition, the PowerArch Technology conjointly helps lower the instant of inertia (MOI) rating, that creates quicker swing speeds, additional power and thereby additional confidence at the plate.

Compared to the Easton mako shark TORQ and Louisville Slugger LXT and, Anderson’s RockeTech FP contains a lower cost purpose, however remains a performance-enhancing, competitive bat for fastpitch softball that’s certified for all major softball league associations.


Compared to its 2015 CF7 counterpart, the 2016 DeMarini CF8 has some major enhancements to AN already spectacular giving.

For example, the CF8 uses a replacement contradiction Plus+ stuff. This material and therefore the bat’s style work along to deliver a resilient, durable bat that permits the hitter to power through each contact with the ball. It conjointly helps stretch the sweet spot of the barrel for additional consistent drives.

This increased sweet zone is more assisted by the Stacked Double Wall Construction Technology and improves the utmost gymnastic apparatus result on batted balls.

DeMarini around the bend use the D-Fusion a pair of.0 handle to cut back vibrations and bat sting on the hands, whereas transferring that energy to the barrel.

This handle is additionally new within the CF8 and therefore the response by hitters has been positive. The 2016 DeMarini CF8 qualifies for the company’s on-line bat customizer.

Wilson Demarini 2016 CF8 Fastpitch Bat

This distinctive giving permits the patron to fully customise the bat’s look, as well as the graphics, colours and decals on the knob and finish cap.

While this doesn’t facilitate the particular performance of the bat (or the player), it’s a fun feature and exclusive to DeMarini around the bend.

The 2016 DeMarini CF8 is right for a contact hitter as a result of it’s a balanced swing weight. However, its spectacular contradiction Plus+ stuff ANd alternative power-enhancing bat technologies provides it the pop of an finish loaded stick.

It has a high price, however thought of extremely sturdy and therefore the manufacturer covers it for one year.


Due to the competitive nature of fastpitch softball leagues, the elite around the bend designed with this level of play in mind will run up a high tag.

There ar more cost-effective out there that also have innovative options, like the Anderson RockeTech, Mizuno Nighthawk or the Danielle Lawrie AXE Bat (which is AN particularly nice possibility for the hitter on a budget, because of its 30-day come policy and additional cheap price).

Overall, Louisville Slugger’s LXT and and XENO and edge out the competition by simply a hair.

The fact that the S1iD Inner Disc will fine-tune the around the bend’ performance to fulfill (or exceed) the utmost parameters of any fastpitch softball league may be a feature unmatched by competitor’s bats.

To decide that is best softball bats in your hands, it’s extremely suggested that you simply visit your native cage and do a side-by-side comparison.

However, it’s exhausting to declare the utility of the Easton mako shark TORQ’s 360-degree rotating handle or the design of a custom DeMarini CF8.

Not to mention, each of those around the bend have a full arsenal of performance-enhancing options. Click here for more!